Technical specification & Key Performance Figures

Attribute AGNi-69
Dish size (m) 8.3 x 8.3
Aperture Area (m2) 68.89
Focal Length (m) 6.2
Peak Thermal Capacity (KWthp) 18.5
Peak Energy generation per day (KWhth) or (Lakh.Kcal) 148 KWhth or 1.27 lakh Kcal
Max. Temperature & Operating Media Hot Water–95-100°C
Thermic Oil – 250°C
Operating Media Thermic Fluid/Water
Operating Temp. & Pressure 250°C (Thermic Fluid) & 1-8 bar (Water)
Steam Generation Capacity (up to 180°C & 10kg/cm2) 24 kg/hr or 192 kg/day
Equivalent fuel savings per day
when integrated with LPG based cooking @ 60% LPG utilization efficiency

LPG = 19.1 kg
Weight (kgs) 1500 kgs
Sun Tracking Fully automated Dual axes
Sun Tracking Accuracy 0.1°
Structure Galvanized/Painted Structural Steel
Max. Survival Wind Speed (Parked) (kmph) 180
Operating Wind Speed (kmph) 50
Method of Solar Integration with existing setup Hybrid mode: integrated with existing setup
Reflectors Solar Grade Mirrors
Performance values are measured in Standard Test Conditions (STC) @ 8 hours of Solar DNI = 600W/m2 or 4.8KWh/m2-day

Concentrated Solar Technologies

Concentrated Solar Technologies

  • CSTs can help reducing the fuel oil/electricity during day time by way of integrating them with their existing units
  • Its a device which can concentrate solar radiation using mirrors/lenses to produce high temperatures in the range of 100 to 450 C or more even.
  • These devices, however, need automatic tracking so as to focus Sun rays on to a receiver all the time. They can also tap only direct normal radiation and not the diffuse.
  • Solar water/air heaters are already in promotion at commercial level but these are limited to temperatures below 90C
  • They also require larger space for desired heat delivery, but have advantage of collecting both diffuse & direct radiation
  • Use of CSTs at places of direct utility make them viable subject to availability of good DNI

CST in Promotion under MNRE Scheme

  • Fixed focus single & dual axis tracked elliptical dishes (Scheffler) for direct indoor cooking (50-100 people) & for steam generation (cooking, laundry, space cooling etc. of any capacity)
  • Fully tracked Fresnel based dishes (Arun ) for process heat, cooling, laundry applications
  • Parabolic troughs, Paraboloid dishes & LFR introduced recently
  • Active Suppliers : Dish cookers- 20; Scheffler dishes- 10 & Arun technology -1, Other Technologies - 5
  • 20,000 dish cookers, 150 indoor direct cooking & 140 steam cooking/ process heat systems installed with 50,000 sq. m. area
Concentrated Solar Technologies

CST Based Installation in India

Total Number of Systems 144
Steam Cooking Systems 121
Solar Cooling 8
Process Heat & Laundry Applications 15
Installed as on 31st March, 2013 28000(approx.)
Under Execution 23 Nos. with 8100 sq. m.
Concentrated Solar Technologies
Type of CST Collector Collector Area m2
Parabolic Schfeller Dish 23000 m2
Paraboloid/ Arun Dish (Moving Focus) 2470 m2
Parabolic Trough 1000 m2
Linear Fresnel Reflector 1500 m2

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