1 Kw solar panel price in India @Rs.30,000/-

1 Kw solar panel price in India @Rs.30,000/-

Utilizing the power of the sun, the 1 kW solar system can produce 5,000 watts during the day. In India, where there are frequent power outages, a 1 kW solar system is meant to provide power for 3–4 BHK households for 8–10 hours. It is made up of mono – crystalline solar panels and has an inverter efficiency of over 97% and a module efficiency of over 16%.

India is a nation where frequent power failures are a problem. Inverter batteries are the only means of obtaining electricity even during blackouts. Few inverter battery producers in India offer reliable goods and residential services. There are many good manufacturers of inverter batteries with widespread availability are now easily available in India.

With a 1KW solar system, you may use 3 fans, 1 refrigerator, 1 TV, 1 laptop, and 4-5 lights for up to 3–4 hours without any problems in a 2–3 BHK home. You can run typical 400 Watt loads on this solar system on a regular basis, and it provides a 4 hour nighttime backup.

The choice of any solar panels for your home depends on your power needs and typical monthly electricity costs. A modest residence often uses 200 to 400 watts of electricity on a regular basis to run fans, lights, a TV, and a laptop charger. Installing a 1kW Solar panel with a Single Battery will allow the homeowner to simply power all of their devices day and night.

In India, a 1kW solar system costs between Rs. 50,000 and Rs. 1,00,000. This price may change. A single battery or two batteries are available with a 1 kW solar panel. A 1kW solar panel will cost Rs. 50,000 for any user who picks a single battery, and Rs. 96,000 for anyone who opts for a double battery. Everything such as the site survey, the goods, shipping, installation, commissioning, servicing, and warranty are included in this price.

1kw On grid solar systemRs 50000
1kw Off grid solar systemRs 75000
1kw Hybrid solar systemRs 1 lakh to 1.5 lakhs.

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