• The energy of the sun is both free and limitless. If we use solar for cooking effectively, we will have more money in the purse to buy other necessities because there will be no need to buy fuel – whether it is LPG, electricity, or charcoal.
  • We all rely on the earth’s limited reserves of fossil fuels. And, in the future, fuels will be extremely harmful to the environment. Cooking with the sun reduces our dependency on these resources.
  • Burning firewood, coal, fossil fuels, as well as other sources of fuel leads to harmful CO2 emissions, which is getting worse. There will be no air pollution if we start using solar instead of them
  • In underdeveloped countries, unsafe water is responsible for 80% of all illnesses and fatalities. Every year, millions of people die as a result of these diseases. Our solar cooking systems use water to create super-heated steam with a temperature of around 700 degrees, hence there’s not even a 1% chance of it being dangerous while cooking.
  • As a result, it is healthy, safe, and clean, as well as being good for the environment.


As the name implies, community cooking refers to the preparation of food for the community in one location. Solar community cooking is the process of preparing food without burning any fossil fuels by using solar.

Currently, LPG cylinders are commonly utilised in these types of community kitchens, especially in India. They are in large numbers, not only harming the environment but also costing you a lot of money. By replacing it with solar, you can make a significant contribution to the environment while also benefiting from the performance of our systems.

Our engineers can well-designed solar community kitchens that are well-equipped with the best fitting utensils, piping’s, and storage tanks in a systematic way, according to your needs. It will not only lead to significant savings, but it will also help you prepare food more quickly and efficiently.

For these purpose ARS has developed its new technology AGNI 69, a straightforward solution which can be extremely useful in preparing community foods without burning any fuels, reducing fuel consumption by about 80%.


A significant share of overall food preparation in an institutional kitchen requires boiling of raw food grains (such as rice, lentils, vegetables, etc.,) in water and hence solar thermal solutions are relatively more suitable for such type of cooking.

Currently heat/steam generation is mostly accomplished through the use of fuels such as LPG, Diesel, furnace oil, or electricity, all of which are becoming expensive and scarce day by day. Solar thermal cooking systems are efficient and hygienic for community cooking like residential hostels, industrial/institutional canteens, religious places, community centres, etc. Use of solar energy also endows the user with a clean and environment- friendly reputation.

Vision of ARS

Solar Food_Healthy Food

  अकालमत्युहरणं, पुष्टितुष्टिप्रदायकं त्रिदोषहरणं, त्रितामकं, सर्वव्याधिविनानं,।सूर्यपक्कान्नमहाऔषध ऋद्धिसिद्धि प्रदायक ॠणुपूर्व मुनिार्दुलः सूर्यात्मे अन्नशुभं ।।

In Rigveda, Shradul Muni reveals the benefits of solar food as quoted. Sun cooked food improves cellular health and longevity. It strengthens health and mind and removes three major physical disorders (Tridosh) related to digestion, blood circulation and respiratory system. It protects from all diseases. Sun cooked food has great medicinal value. It enhances intellect, genius. Researchers at School of Medicine, New York also confirm that solar cooked food does not release AGEs (Advanced Glycation End products) which are associated with Heart disease, Diabetes and Cancer.

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