What is Solar cooker? And its working!!!

What is Solar cooker? And its working!!!

In Solar cookers energy generated by the sunlight is utilised in such a way that it is used to cook meals.
Specular reflection is the name given to this phenomenon. The solar cooker’s solar mirrors reflect sunlight and convert it to heat energy, which warms the dish and cooks the meals.

In solar cookers, concave mirrors are used because they reflect sunlight into a single focus point.

The mirror concentrates the sun’s rays onto a receiver such as a cooking dish, in this case.
this happens because dish gets heated by turning light energy into heat energy.

UV light light rays enter a solar cooker, which are subsequently transformed into longer infrared light rays that cannot escape.

Water, fat, and protein molecules in food vibrate energetically and heat up when exposed to infrared radiation.
Solar Cooker Types
Solar cookers are divided into two categories:

Parabolic solar cooker. Cooking pot being heated on a parabolic solar cooker. The mirrors lining the dish focus the sunlight and its heat onto the kettle. Solar cookers use no fuel and so are an environmentally friendly way to heat food and water. Photographed at a German Aerospace Agency (DLR) facility in Cologne, Germany.

1)Heat Up Type 1 – Box Type

Heat is reflected by a reflector into a box in this style of cooker, and then trapped by the top glass, creating a greenhouse effect that heats the cooking utensils.

2)Converge Heat to a Single Point – Parabolic Type

The heat converges at a spot where the cooking tools are stored; it heats up and cooks the food in this type.

Solar Cooker in a Box
The following are the major components of box-type solar cookers:

An insulated metal box with a black interior.

a sheet of glass, and

A plane mirror or another type of reflector.

Let’s have a look at how a box-type cooker works:

The box is covered by a transparent glass layer that allows the sun’s infrared rays to pass through.

The metallic box is painted black from the inside and works as a black body, which absorbs all wavelengths of light.

In the same way, this box absorbs infrared light and heats up.

We also know that when a dark substance heats up, it radiates all of the different wavelengths of light that it has absorbed. This box also begins to radiate the infrared light that it has absorbed.

The glass sheet that surrounds the box, on the other hand, prevents the heat from escaping.

A glass sheet allows the cooker to trap heat inside the box in this way.

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