Shirdi Prasadalaya-The Shirdi Mega Kitchen

 Shirdi Prasadalaya-The Shirdi Mega Kitchen

On the busiest days, the shirdi prasadalaya, one of India’s largest kitchens, feeds food to around 70,000 devotees.

The Saibaba shirdi prasadalaya, which features a monument of Sai baba at the entryway is powered by 73 big CST’s (Concentrated Solar Thermal), can serve 3000 people for a free food (prasad) at one seating. There is, however, another seating area where people who do not feel comfortable interacting with the masses can pay for a meal of their choice.

How the solar works in the making of food?

The sun’s energy is harnessed by 73 large solar parabolic dishes placed on the shirdi prasadalaya’s roof , which heat millions of litres of water and turn it to steam. Steam is piped into the kitchen in the large vessels in which the food is made.


For a dining space of such a huge size, the kitchen must be large enough to accommodate not just the people who will be making the food, but also the utensils, which was the biggest challenge for us. However, we succeeded and the kitchen was likewise planned and installed by ARS Glasstech, and it was built in such a way that it can be used extremely efficiently.

Large rice boilers have been placed in the kitchen, and when the CST’s on the terrace produces steam, it is instantly sent to the kitchen via pipes, where the super-heated steam speedily cooks the food, for example, 100 kg of rice gets prepared in 10 minutes.

The solar energy produced by these massive CST’s is utilised for almost everythingin the shirdi prasadalaya, including cooking, dishwashing, and many more.

The admiration we receive from one of our projects, which has turned into a masterwork, the Shirdi Mega kitchen is always a source of pride for us.

shirdi prasadalaya is ARS Glasstech’s first and most notable project. It was developed by ARS for the first time and now it has been successfully running for many years without any complaints.


ARS has developed its new technology AGNI 69, a straightforward solution which can be extremely useful in preparing community foods without burning any fuels, reducing fuel consumption by about 80%.

It is more efficient, larger, and creates more steam, and it is superior in every way. It is totally automated, detecting sun moments automatically and even displaying how much carbon is saved by using it directly on your phone.

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