All you need to know about Solar mirrors // ARS Glasstech.

All you need to know about Solar mirrors // ARS Glasstech.

Mirrors are crucial parts in the operation of concentrated solar thermal systems. The total efficiency of solar thermals is determined on the quality of the mirrors. The higher the quality of the mirrors, the better the reflectivity and steam generation. As a result, installing high-quality mirrors in concentrated solar thermals (CST) is vital.

Concentrated solar thermals (CST) use solar mirrors to turn sunlight directly into steam.  If the silver coating inside the solar mirrors is not of good quality, it can start to peel away, lowering the Solar’s performance drastically..Temperatures in the area can reach as high as 400 degrees Celsius. As a result, the mirrors need be of very high quality in order to be suited for industrial processes.

The technology generates three times the energy per square meter placed than a solar PV installation. The heat is easily coupled with various sources of heat and stored in insulated vessels. There is no supply chain for this technology. So to say, heat escapes from the air. As a result, it is a completely environmentally friendly solution to the industrial heat demand. As a result, CST has the potential to make a major contribution to lowering CO2 emissions.

How we at ARS assure a good quality solar mirrors?

Accelerated aging testing is used by ARS Glasstech  as a tool for quality assurance of running production

1) Comparative testing: comparing different materials and ranking their durability, assisting in the selection of the most durable materials for the environmental conditions at the site of operation.

2) Quality control: monitoring the quality of a running production and detecting any problems in the coating lines.

3) Material development: to acquire speedy responses about the durability of materials for which actual lifespan data is not accessible. When optimizing the chemistry of coatings or manufacturing conditions, accelerated aging may be used as an evaluation tool.

4) Lifetime prediction: estimating the in-service lifetime under various environmental circumstances.

Our solar mirrors have shown their quality to the world via our projects. At one of our biggest projects, the Shirdi Mega kitchen, our mirrors have been performing flawlessly for years with no complaints. Our solar mirrors have been installed in 73 dishes in the Shirdi Mega kitchen from the past 7 years and are utilised to cook over 1 million meals per month.

In terms of our solar mirrors, we have also worked for renowned organisations like IIT Madras and ISRO, and each of our clients has appreciated the quality of our solar mirrors.

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