Why good quality solar mirrors are important??

Why good quality solar mirrors are important??

these mirrors can focus and raise the temperature up-to 700 degrees, generating steam without harmful emissions. Michael Melford / National Geographic Society / Corbis

Nothing in the area of solar energy will work without solar mirrors. Solar mirrors are the most crucial component of solar thermals. Solar Mirrors play 90% of the part in completing CST (Concentrating Solar Thermals). They have to work all day long in the unbearable heat of India. They can concentrate and raise the temperature at the boiler to 700 degrees Celsius so just imagine how much heat is getting into them. If the silver coating inside the solar mirrors is not of good quality, it can start to peel away, lowering the Solar’s performance drastically. Thus, installing reliable solar mirrors is essential.

What are the capabilities of solar mirrors?

The entire operation of concentrated solar thermals is dependent on the reflection from solar mirrors; if they are of poor quality, the reflectivity will drop, and the system’s efficiency would collapse.

On the other hand, a good quality solar mirror, that can withstand any temperature and return the sun’s rays with high reflectivity, can enhance the performance of concentrated solar dishes.

Our solar mirrors have shown their quality to the world via our projects. At one of our biggest projects, the Shirdi Mega kitchen, our mirrors have been performing flawlessly for years with no complaints. Our solar mirrors have been installed in 73 dishes in the Shirdi Mega kitchen from the past 7 years and are utilised to cook over 1 million meals per month.

Our Manufacturing unit!!!

We have a world-class manufacturing plant that produces high-quality solar mirrors in big volumes that are ready to work in any temperature of the sun. We are honoured to be the patent holders of Solar mirrors in India, And thus, we are the indigenous manufacturers of solar grade mirrors in our country. We have been working in the field of renewable energy for the past 7+ years, and our goal is to make India the country of renewable energy.

ARS has developed its new technology AGNI 69, a straightforward solution which can be extremely useful in preparing community foods without burning any fuels, reducing fuel consumption by about 80%.

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